Alphabetical list of Jewish historical sites in Warsaw:

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Bohaterów Getta st.

Bonifraterska st.




Bohaterów Getta Street
(formerly Nalewki)

On April 19, 1946 a sign bearing the new name was hung on the Arsenal, the only surviving prewar building on Nalewki Street. All that remained of Nalewki, this most important Jewish street in Warsaw, was stone paving and tram tracks, ending abruptly before the gates to Krasiński Park (today's Nalewki Street in the Muranów district does not coincide at all with the original course of the street). One of the main ghetto gates was here. The German divisions entered through them at dawn, April 19, 1943, only to meet armed resistance from the Jews.



1. Nalewk str. before II World War, 2. Gate to ghetto
12 Bonifraterska Street
The western side of the street was the edge of the ghetto. On the day the Ghetto Uprising began, a 25-man Home Army division under the command of Captain Józef Przenny breached the ghetto wall. A tablet was set into the wall of the church of St. John the Divine: "The Home Army. On April 19, 1943 during the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in a ŻOB aid campaign, soldiers of the Polish Sapper division fell - Eugeniusz Morkawski, a.k.a. Młódek, and Józef Wilk, a.k.a. Orlik. In honor to their memory. From a brother-in-arms."
The church of St. John