Alphabetical list of Jewish historical sites in Warsaw:

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Ch這dna st.




20 Ch這dna Street
The actual Ch這dna Street was placed outside the ghetto in fall 1941, though the houses on the north and south side from Elektoralna to 疾lazna Street were in the "little" and "big" ghettos. They were separated from the "Arian" road by three-meter-high walls. In late 1941 Adam Czerniak闚, president of the Jewish Community (Judenrat), lived in a building that survives at 20 Ch這dna St. He committed suicide in the Jewish Community building on Grzybowska Street on July 23, 1942, the day after deportations to the Treblinka death camp began.




Ch這dna str.
22 Ch這dna Street  
(formerly 24-26)

At this point in early 1942 a wooden footbridge was built for Jews going back and forth between the "little" and "big" ghettos. 
"My darling only son, .... 
You wanted me and only me to guide you to the wooden bridge. .... 
When you asked me if I was afraid that the bridge would collapse, I grasped hold of that like a lifesaver. ....
It could collapse. Should collapse. .... 
How ever many times I go up and down the bridge, I pray God that their wooden bridge may fly into bits. Maybe because soldiers stand below in their helmets, and watching with a smile those crossing the bridge as though they were monkeys. Or maybe because the bridge is so dirty that the mud covering it comes up to the ankles. Maybe also because only Jews bustle across the bridge, so that the bridge is swarming with shameful arm bands as with shrouds. It is their bridge. .... 
Don't drag me over bridges that will have to fall down one day. While I still live, I shall surely show you how that cursed bridge splinters and falls." 

J霩ef Kirman, Between Life and Death  
(original in Yiddish).
A wooden footbridge  between the "little" and "big" ghettos