Alphabetical list of Jewish historical sites in Warsaw:

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Nowolipki st.





1 Nowolipki Street  
(formerly 7)

 The building that stood here before the war housed the well-known Polish-language, Jewish newspaper, Nasz Przegląd (Our Digest). In 1926 Janusz Korczak founded a children's paper, written and co-edited by them, call Mały Przegląd (Little Digest), as weekly supplement to Nasz Przegląd. Igor Newerly took over as editor from Korczak until the outbreak of the war. There is memorial plaque here.




The Little Digest
68 Nowolipki Street
On Aug. 3, 1942 the Ghetto Archive was hidden in metal boxes in the cellar of the Borochów School. The documents had been gathered by a group called Oneg Szabat, led by Emanuel Ringelblum. The second part of the documents were concealed in late February 1943 in two milk jugs. After the war, in 1946 and 1950, the documents were recovered and brought to the Jewish Historical Institute. In 1999 the archive was added to the UNESCO "Memory of the World" list of documentary heritage.
Recovered documents