Alphabetical list of Jewish historical sites in Warsaw:

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Okopowa st.





49/51 Okopowa Street  
(Jewish Cemetery) 
Founded in 1806, this is one of the few Jewish cemeteries still functioning in Poland. Around 150,000 gravestones have survived in it. It is the resting place for people well-known in the history of the Jewish people and in the history of Warsaw and Poland. Aside from rabbis like Szlomo Lipszyc (d. 1839), Ber Meisels (d. 1870), Abraham Perlmutter (d. 1930) and tzaddiks Brisker Rebe (d. 1919), Amszinower Rebe (d. 1918), Modrzicer Rebe (d. 1921), there are also the graves of Jewish authors like Icchak Lejb Perec (d. 1915), Szlomo Anski (d. 1920), Julian Stryjkowski (d. 1996), actress Ester Rachel Kamińska (d. 1925), and the inventor of Esperanto Ludwik Zamenhof (d. 1917). There is the grave of Henryk Wohl, the treasurer of the National Council during the January Uprising (d. 1907), and that of Feliks Perl, the founder of the Polish Socialist Party (d. 1927). From World War II there are mass graves and the burial mound of Prof. Majer Bałaban (d. 1942), and Adam Czerniaków, chairman of the Judenrat (d. 1942). The Gęsia Street Foundation is also located here (tel. +48 22 8382622).
Jewish Cemetery






Jewish Cemetery