Alphabetical list of Jewish historical sites in Warsaw:

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Pereca st.

Prosta st.

Próżna st.

Path of Remembrance





I.L. Pereca Street  
(formerly Ceglana)

Writer Iccak Lejb Perec (1852-1915) was born in Zamo¶ć. He worked there as an attorney. He moved to 1 Ceglana St. in Warsaw in 1886 and began a job as a bureaucrat in the Jewish Community, where he remained until the end of his life. In 1888 he published the Yiddish poem titled "Monish," sparking off a Romantic trend in Yiddish poetry. His home in Warsaw became a focal point for Jewish cultural life. In 1899-1900 he wrote most of his Folktales and Chassidic Motifs. During the 1905 Revolution he cooperated with the press of the parties political parties Bund and the Jewish wing of the Polish Socialist Party. The last and greatest of Perec's dramas, Night in the Old Marketplace, was written in 1907. He died on April 3, 1915. Over 100,000 people attended his funeral.



Iccak Lejb Perec
Corner of Prosta and Twarda streets
On May 10, 1943 a group of 34 Jews, ghetto fighters, surfaced from the sewers. They were transported by truck to Łomianki outside of Warsaw. Soon some of them were denounced to the Nazis and shot to death in the village of Płudy. The remaining ones joined the Modechaj Anielewicz partisan division in the Wyszków forest.



Corner of Prosta and Twarda str.
Próżna Street
This is a tiny street situated between Zielna Street and Gzybowski Square. On it are four apartment houses, numbers 7, 9, 12 and 14, which though in deplorable condition, are now one of the very few remaining fragments of "Jewish Warsaw." Currently the Jewish Renaissance Foundation is preparing plans to restore them.



Próżna str.
Path of Remembrance
(Umschlagplatz, 10 Stawki Street to the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, corner of Zamenhoffa and Anielewicza streets)

The Path is marked by blocks of black granite, on which are engraved a description of events and the names of people active in the ghetto. The Path leads from Umschlagplatz, past the Bunker Monument to the Jewish Fighters Organization (ŻOB), to the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes. The blocks are dedicated to the memory of poet I. Kacenelson, pedagogue J. Korczak, rabbi I. Nissenbaum, ŻOB courier F. Płotnicka, Jewish Military Union (ŻZW) commander P. Frenkel, Poalej Syjon (a leftist, Zionist party) member M. Majerowicz, ŻOB commander M. Anielewicz, Haszomer Hacair (scouting association) member A. Wilner, Bund activist S. Zygielbojm, M. Klepfisz, Polish Social Party activist J. Lewartowski, and historian E. Ringelblum. 
 The Path was created in 1988, designed by Z. G±sior, S. Jankowski (a.k.a. Agaton) and M. Moderau.
Path of Remembrance







Path of Remembrance

Path of Remembrance